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michael his#3

January 5,1778Dear Diary,Life is hard in Valley Forge. the weather is harsh but I built a better hut, and my brother Burgerman tried to but he failed so he is living with me. We have bloody feat leaving trails of blood behind us. I had to find so much wood and animal skin for my hut, it was so hard.

Are activities are to hunt and take care of the whooped, I half to carry water from a mile away. We still are recovering from the war when the British get to have fun shopping and trading to fight us again.

October 17, 1781Dear Diary,I feel so happy about the British army surrendering. We beat the strongest army in the world. Luckily I am a patriot and not a British army man. I feel great about the outcome. I can finely see my wife and my children again. My feat have been killing me from my cuts on them. Even though I got shot in the leg I will still have fun with the rest of my life. My brother and I will still live in the same hut till we are ready for are normal life's.

I feel great about the outcome. I feel so happy because I get to go back home and I don't need to fight people anymore. I don't care that I got shot in the leg I love my life still. And I get my dad's work shop.


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