Michael Faraday

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Michael Faraday

Michael Faraday

Michael Faraday was born on september 22 1971 in South London. Michael Faraday had received only a basic formal education, for seven years he educated himself by reading books on a wide range of scientific subjects. Davy Humphrey had a huge impact leading Michael into the direction. Faraday than continued to work at the Royal insitiution, by getting appointed by Davy Humphrey where than he gave many lectures establishing his reputation as the outstanding scientific lecturer of his time. (Historic figures, 2014)


Michael Faraday invented the electric motor with a magnet and a wire. He than made the first geneator, he discrovered two clordoes of carbon and beneze. Michael came up with laws and the things he discovered are still used today, the law of induction, law of electroysis, Faraday cage, and the Faraday effect. The things he discovered and tested, are used by later scientists. To go a step further and lead into the electromagnetic field thoery and in the electronics around today.( Tyndall, 2006)

Lasting Impact

Michael Faraday discovered electromagtinc induction, the principle behind the electric transformer



< 22 Sept 1791, Michael Faraday(1791-1867), English physicist and chemist <13 Feb1821, Faraday invents the first electric motor<1823, Michael Faraday liquilfies Chlorine<1831, invents the electric transformer<1845, Michael observes the rotation of polarised light. Also discovered light propagation<1850 Michael performed experinments inorder to find a link

Michael Faraday Demonstration

Michael Faraday Demonstration


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