Michael Faraday

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Michael Faraday

Michael Faraday

Life Timeline1791- Born on September 22 in Newington Butts, United Kingdom1821- Marriage to Sarah Barnard1867- Died on August 25

Scientific Accomplishments1824- Made a member of the Royal Society1826- Founded the Royal Society Friday night discourses1831- Discovered electromagnetic induction1833- Became a Fullerian professor of chemistry at the Royal Institution

The "faradad" is an electrical unit named after Faraday

Faraday accomplished many things within his lifetime. With discovering electromagnetic induction he discovered the laws of electrolysis. Also, he was also able to start the basic foundation for the electromagnetic field concept.

ConnectionsJ.C. Maxwell- Took the ideas of Faraday and further generated themHumphry Davy- Faraday was his chemical assistant

Michael Faraday PrizePrized to those who excel in communicating science to the United Kingdom


When Faraday was little he was curious, and was always cauing comotion. At age 13, he went to work as an assitant to a book binder, where he was able to read all the books, and get his interest in energy.

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