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Michael Faraday

Michael Faraday was born on September 22, 1791 in south London. His family was poor, causing Faraday to only receive basic formal education. his father was James Faraday and his mother was Margaret Hastwell. His brothers were Robert Faraday, Richard Faraday, and Thomas Faraday. His sisters were Elizabeth Faraday and Margaret Faraday. When he was fourteen years old, Faraday was apprenticed at his local book binder. Within the following seven years Faraday educated himself. He did this by reading books with a wide range of scientific subjects. In 1812 Faraday attended four lectures given by the chemist Humphry Day at Royal University. Afterwards, Faraday wrote to Humphry Davy asking for a job a his assistant. Davy turned him down, but in 1813 Davy appointed Faraday as a chemical assistant. In 1814 Faraday was invited on an 18 month European tour with Davy and his wife. The tour covered France, Switzerland, Italy, and Belgium. Along the way they were able to meet any influential scientists. When they returned, in 1815, Faraday continued to work at Royal Institution helping with experiments with Davy and other scientists. In 1821 Faraday publsihed his work on electromagnetic rotation, which is the principle behind the electric motor. In 1831 Farday discovered electromagnetic induction. This is the principle behind the electric transformer and generator. The discovery was crucial in allowing electricity to be tranformed ino new, powerful technology. In the 1840s Faraday's health began to deteriorate. This caused him to not be able to do as much research. He died August 25th, 1867 at Hampton Court.

1791: born in south London1804: served as an errand boy1805: apprenticed with George Riebau for a period of 7 years1812: attended 4 lectures1813: appointed as chemical assistant at Royal Institute1821: married Sarah Barnard1831: discovered electromagnetic induction1832: Faraday was granted an honorary Docter of Civil Law degree1839: conducted a series of experiments to examine the fundamental nature of electricity1848: was given a grace and favor house in Hampton Court1867: Faraday left for the heavenly abode

Lasting Impact

Faraday discovered the principle behind the electric transformer and generator.


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Michael Faraday




Faraday gave his name to the farad. The farad was originally a unit of electrical charge, which later being a unit of electrical capacitance.


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