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Michael F. Phelps

Michael had participated in twenty-two events swimming events in the olympics year of 2008. he participated in mutiple events in three different locations. the three areas were the Athens, Beijing, and London. The different races that he competed in were the backstroke, freestyle. butterfly, and individual medley. He earned a gold in every event except the 200 meter butterfly, 400 meter freestyle, 200 meter freestyle, and 400 meter freestyle. He recieved two silver metals for the 200 meter butterfly and 400 meter free style in london, and recieved bronze for the 200 meter butterfly and the 400 meter freestyle.

Michael's Life

Michael Fred Phelps grew up to be the best swimmer in olimpic history. He participated in twenty-two swimming events.

Michael Phelps had inspired so many kids that their dreams can come true. he showed people that you can do anything if you push hard enough for it. when he was caught smoking weed he changed his hole way of life after everybody had changed there point of view for him. he had dissapointed so many kids that looked up to him as an inspiration. then he was caught and suspended from the U.S.A swimming tournament for a DUI. ( driving under influence)

Lasting Impact

Michael had beat his lasting record in beijing witch was by 3 seconds. he beat his teammate Ryan Lochte in the 1st gold metal 2008 olympics.



Michael F. Phelps



Michael swimming

Event 1st 2nd 3rd100 m butterfly820200 m butterfly920200 m medley820400 m medley600200 m freestyle421200 m backstroke0104×100 m freestyle6224×200 m freestyle10204×100 m medley1000

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