Michael B. Jordan's Biography

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Michael B. Jordan's Biography

- He's a middle child- The B in his name stands for Bakari- He knows how to Tap Dance- He got his start as a child model-His first acting gig was on Cosby-He's a Four-Time NAACP image award nominee

~ He starred in three outbreak acclaimed TV dramas of the past decade~ MIchael starred in a new version of Fantastic Four~Jordan starred in the seventh installment of the Rocky franchise , Creed

Michael B. Jordan was raised in Newark, New Jersey where he got his start as a model and actor. His first significant break was an apperance on The Sopranos in 1999. He later landed major roles in landmark TV shows like The Wire and Friday Night Lights. A steady film actor, he garnered acclaim for his role in the film Fruitvale Station (2013) and in 2015 he starred in the latest installment of the Rocky franchise, Creed




Famous Works


Michael B. Jordan has played in the movie '' Creed ", " Fantastic Four" , " Awkward Moment " and some others. He won a Gotham Independent Film Award for Breakthrough Actor , a Satrellite Special Achievement Award for Breakthrough performance


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