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This is the biggest attraction of Orlando, Miami, USA. It is a famous international resort for it is theme parks and many hotels. The resort is operated by a division of the Disney Company.

This is Cinderella's castle, the icon of Walt Disney World


South Beach

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

Crandon Park Beach

The beach is divided into two distinct areas; the northern part, with more waves, is frequented by surfers, while the southern part, with white sand and calm waters, usually the place to go especially families and couples .

Only 15 minutes from downtown Miami , you can enjoy a tropical paradise that looks just tamed staying stuck in the past. It is a recreation area where almost wild you can spend the day walking bike or kayak , eat at their picnic, climb the historic lighthouse or sunbathe on it is beach

Located between streets 1 and 25 of the island of Miami Beach. South Beach is the most popular and famous beach of Miami; it is one of the hot spots of the city to which he goes to see and be seen , so it is always full of people looking for fun .


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