miah oscar esperanza african chameleon

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miah oscar esperanza african chameleon

The African Dwarf Chameleon is a carnivore because its diet includes moths crickets and other small insects. It is also a secondary consumer

Its prey includes crickets and moths but one of its preditors are from the white neck raven. It has very sticky feet which help it climb trees. Its tail is very strong. It latches itself to the tree incase any birds decide they are hungry for some chameleon. To protect itself from nearby preditors it walks like a leaf in the wind. It also changes color when in the presence of preditors to make it seem poisonous.It move each eye sepretly so it can spot preditors and prey. It has a long tounge to catch plying prey. To protect itself it also blends in to its surroundings

The chameleon needs both boitic and abiotic things to survive. It needs dirt and dead plant to keep it hidden from preditors and it needs things like insects and trees

The African Dwarf Chameleon



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