miah kay cardoza wind energy glog

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Environmental Studies

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miah kay cardoza wind energy glog

Wind energy is the energy of wind. It has a lot of advantgas and disadvantages. One advantage is that wind is free. A disadvantage is that they are expensive to fix

wind energy

Wind energy will help the planet. It willl not pollute so the o zone layer is protected. We want the planet here for a very very long time. If we do things like wind enrgy we will have it for as long as we want.

1.Wind is free2.It doesn't pollute3. Wind is a renewable source4. Windmills aren't noisy 5. You can still use the ground under the windmills

1. Sometimes the wind isnt strong enough2. Expensive to fix3. Windmills kill birds4. Wind farms take up space 5. People think they are unpleasent to look at



use wind energy



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