Mia Rusk

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Social Studies

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Mia Rusk

John Charles Fremont

He was born on 1813 and died on 1890.

On his expedition he traveled through Oregon, Fort Vancouver, Columbia river, Sacromento valley, Nevada, and Monteray.He went on many expeditions in time between 1843 and 1847. I made 4 expeditions, but two of them were unsucessful. He made many expeditions in this time period.

I was born in Savannah, Georgia but I grew up in Charleston, South Carolina.

By:Mia Rusk

Did you know that in 1842 I was chosen to map the route west from Mississippi to South Pass.

Did you know I had a nickname the "pathfinder" because I made paths through the Sierra Mountains. That is aslo why I am an person in U.S. history even to this day. That is also what I have accomplished.

I bought Rancho Mariposas in 1847 and found gold on my property and I became a weathy man. Did you also know I got married in 1841 to a girl named Jessie. I also wrote books with my wife about my journeys. I also caught in the Rockies in winter and eleven of my men died.

I ran for president but I was defeated by James Buchanan in 1856.



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