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MGMS Library

MGMS Library Goals· To establish library practices designed to promote student success.· To guide students toward independent study skills through instruction on the use of the library· To offer and provide guidance to students in their reading interests and research needs· To maintain adequate supplies of high interest reading materials· To provide a courteous atmosphere conducive to learning.

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Library Rules

1. Please enter the library in a quiet and respectful manner.2. Remember: food and drinks, including water, are not permitted in the Library.3. During class time you must have a pass to visit the library, Sign in as soon as you arrive.4. Respect everyone’s right to use the library. Keep the noise level to a minimum so that students may read and work on assignments without being distracted. REMEMBER to… BE SAFE—Walk BE KIND—Whisper BE RESPONSIBLE—When you browse, put books and other materials back in the right place. When you borrow, return materials on time.

Contact Us Elizabeth B. Ramirez, MGMS Librarian (956) 689-8171 Mary Betancourt, Library Assistant



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