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Chapter 1:THE ODESSEY"For ten years the Trojans fought bravely to save their city." "When Calypso saw Odesseus, she loved him and made him a prisoner on her island."

Chapter 2:Odessues and the Cyclops:What is wrong?" they called. "Is somebody trying to rob or kill you?" Its in nobody!" the cyclops cried."Nobody is trying to kill me."

Chapter 3:Odysseus and Circe"MY men did not know then that these were victims of Circe's black magic. But in the food Circe put a powerful drug. As soon as the men ate and drank, they fell under her spell and lost memory of their homeland."

Chapter 4:THe folly of Odysseus's men" The first danger you will meet comes from the Sirens. They sit high up on the roks singing. their song is so beatiful that it cast a spell over all sailors who hear it." Other dangers came as well.




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