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Activity 1

Mr. Johnson was opening his restaurant when katie arrived. She saw a new sign that said prices were going up. "My prices are ten percent higher now" Mr Johnson explain. "And somebody brock the window of my back room last night"."Did you call the police?" Katie asked. "No. Nothing was stolen" replied Mr Johnson , as he showed katie a small room, behind the restaurant where he had made the sign the night before.after katie left the restaurant , she saw joey and martin fishing by the river." did you hear that somebody broke into Mr Johnson´s restaurant?" asked "No" Joey said."But now I'm hungry. I have a dollar and I'm going ti get a sandwich. " " You'll need another ten cents. A dollar's not enough now," Martin told him."You both stay right here; " Katie said. " I know who broke that window and I'm telling Mr.Johnson

Mr. Johnson, I have something to tell you.I know who broke your window last night, it was Martin, I discovered him because he already knew your prices were ten percent higher now

A-) who broke the window?Rta= It was MartinB-) how do you know?Rta= because he knew prices were higher nowc-) Did Joey know about the robbery?Rta= No, he didn't

1-)Ruler:Because a ruler is a person2-)Construction:because a Construction a thing3-)Umpire:Because umpire is a person4-)Team:All are about places excepling team5-)Hoop:Because all are clothes excopling hoop

Luis A and Johnnier

a-) The restaurant was opening when Katie arrivedb-) The prices were higher than the day beforec-) Mr Johnson made the sign in the windowd-) The person who broke the window saw the signe-)Joey didn't know that Mr. Johnson had changed his prices

Activity 2

Activity 3

Activity 4

Taipei 101 was built between 1999 and 2004.The designer was C.Y.Lee and it has 101 was disigned to be stable in stron winds and earthquakes,and it has won a number of awards.It is one of the most stable construction ever, and from 2004-2008,it was also the tallest built in the world

Activity 5

Dear Lucy,San Francisco's amazing as soon as we arrived, we went to see the golden gate bridge, and after that we went to chinatown for lunch while we were eating, my sister started to feel sick so she went back to the hotel.When we finished,we decided to go to fisherman's wharf to see the seals.We had diner there and didn't get back to the hotel until midnight, Love, Chloe

Activity 6

4). Matcha-)My dad makes a living as and accountant b-)I have to take a summer class in mathc-)My counsin couldn't find work in France so he came homed-)After school I always meet my friends in a local malle-)Do you have to do a lot of chores at home?f-)I like english, but I have trouble spelling some words

Activity 7


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