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Social Studies

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GeographyMexico is located south of the U.S. West of it is the pacific ocean. East of it is the golf of mexico.

Nature The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, The Copper Canyon, The Monarch Butterfly Reserves, and The Sea of Cortez are just some of the nature you can see in mexico. Some of the animals in mexico are The Kit Fox, and The Sarcastic Fringehead.

CultureSome Mexican cultures are The Day of the Dead, celebrated on Nov. 2, is a day set aside to remember and honor those who have died.Another one is Cinco de Mayo, which marks a Mexican military victory over the French in 1862.


MexicoBy: Miriam Hamtil

HistoryBefore the arrival of the first Europeans to the Americas, the civilizations of ancient Mexico achieved important advances in military strategy, architecture, mathematics and agriculture.

EconomyOver the past five years, economic freedom in Mexico has declined by 1.4 points. Deteriorations in the fiscal and regulatory environments have occurred in an environment of slow economic growth despite a reform-minded leadership bent on increasing competition and opening the economy to trade and investment.


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