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Birth rates dropped by 26.5.Great family planning, but men don’t like women to use birth control and don’t use contraceptives with women.In 1974 a law made access to family planning as an individual right.Men and women are equal under law.961,121 immigrants in Mexico most coming from USA.More than 7.5 million Mexican emigrants in the USA from Mexico.The majority of mexican immigrants are males sending money back to their families. There are very high crime rates, lots of unemployment and poverty, and the climates and natural hazards force some to move.Mexico is at stage 3 in the demographic transition.

CBR 18CDR 5TFR 2.22Infant mortality rate 12NIR 14.53Age-sex structure Age structure: 0-14 years: 27.9% (male 17,188,577/female 16,423,421) 15-24 years: 18.1% (male 10,999,445/female 10,741,999) 25-54 years: 40.4% (male 23,385,321/female 25,200,511) 55-64 years: 7% (male 3,850,792/female 4,527,074) 65 years and over: 6.6% (male 3,594,675/female 4,374,840) Age dependency ratio 43Life expectancy male- 72.6 female 78.0Net migration rate -1.68HIV rate 0.2%Average education level 93.4%Population densities 65Urban-rural population urban 99,244,722 rural 25,990,865Percentage of farmers 23% of the labor force



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Population density map

Mexican women working

Mexican chirldren at school

Physical map of Mexico

Current population pyramid

Political map of Mexico


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