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Mexico is located in North America

Los Dias de los Muertos day of the dead , really a mexican celebration of life and death. held on november 1st and 2nd celebrates to honor te spirits of familys ancesters.

The Flag is red , white and green , the white band is the badge of Mexico City , the eagle represents how strong Religon connotations to the tenochtitlan people.

Metroplitan Cathedral highlights of the catgerdral include five naves and 14 chapels , a painting by famed spanish artist pending on your intrest in mexico history or architecture you could spend between and hour and day at the Cathedral

Cinco de Mayo , Mexican holiday seems to increase popularity each year. Is celebrated even more in the United States than in Mexico. Mexico declared its independence from spain in september of 1810

capital = Mexico city Curency = paso Population = 118,818,2283 Foods = Corn , Rice , BeansClimate = varies from tropical to desert

Frida Kahlo MuseumFrida Kahlo was a mexican self portaitartist, was married to Diego Rivera the Museum is located right in the coroacan suburb, is also known as la casa azul , ( the blue house )

National Palace the place itself is a massive buliding that contains several gardens, murals admission is free and travelers say that a typical stop should last one to two hours


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