[2015] Isha Bhamani (Mr Bywaters Geo Class): Mexico Timeline

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[2015] Isha Bhamani (Mr Bywaters Geo Class): Mexico Timeline

Mexico Timeline

Mexico has an interesting history with many adventures and sturuggles to make it what it is. It is a diverse country and had diverse people and culture.

Time Line:


Maya cities are abandened, and the civilation collapses

In A.D. 1200 the Aztecs began moving into Central Meico from the north. The established a capitol know as Tenochtitlan. Tha Aztecs conquered other Indian peoples around them. They had one of the largest cities at the time. They accomplished much in their time.

Hernan Cortes, a Spanish solider, arrived in Mexico in 1519 with about 600 men. The conquistadores were unknown to America at the time. The natives had no resistence to disease, and when the first eidermic arrived, it weakened the power of the Aztec. In 1521, Cortes completed his conquest of the Aztecs and named the territory New Spain.

When Texas broke away from Mexico in 1845, it became a part of America. Shortly after, the United States and Mexico argued over the location of their common border. This conflict led to war in which Mexico lost about half of its territory. Americans know this conflict as the Mexican war. Mexicans usually refer to it as the War of the North American Invasion.

Agriculture became an important part of the Mexican colonial economy. The Indians did most of the hard physical labor on farms and in mines. Many ofthem died from disease and overwork. There, the Spainards brought enslaved slaves to Americas as another source of labor.

Sometime after 800 A.D. Mayan cilvilization collapsed and the cities were abandened. This could have been caused by famine, disease, and welfare. but they did'nt die out, there are still many Mayan decendents still living there today.

A.D. 1200

The Aztec move into central Mexico from the north.


Hernan Cortes and his conquistadores conquer the Aztec.



Enslaved Africans are brought to Spanish America.

The Mexican War occurs between America and Mexico.

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