Mexico - Day of the death

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Mexico - Day of the death

MexicoDay of the DeadDia de los Muertos

Fun Facts-celebration of life and death-common symbol is the skull-was once a very religious holiday-celebrated over 3000 years-this holiday has been replaced by more commercial holidays like Halloween

Purpose of the Holiday:To welcome thedeceased spirits of family ancestors

Important InformationOn Day of the Dead, families decorate graves by adding lights and marigold wreaths. They also offer ancestors food and drink by leaving it in their homes and on their porches in a festive decorated way.They also eat food, like sugar skulls, hot chocolate, tortillas, and more, as well as dance skeleton dance and Aztec dances. Women typically wear dresses, flowery headresses, and men wear sombreros and everyone wears masks and face paint that looks like skulls.A few other minor rituals are making paper mache statues, making food, and passing out flowers to tourists to decorate graves. Also, they keep skulls as trophies and display them on Day of the Dead.

Where:MexicoWhenNovember 1st-November 2nd

family decorating graves with food, plants, and more.

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Sugar Skulls-eaten and offered

People celebrating together in a dance

background: women wearing traditional clothing with facepaint and intricate necklaces

Very decorated graves

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