[2014] Sierra Sallee: Mexico

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[2014] Sierra Sallee: Mexico

The Mexican flag's colors are symbolic of three things.

Green: the green on the Mexican flag symbolizes hope for a better nation.

White -The white represesntsthe purity of Catholic faith.

Red ~Red represents blood of those who died in the violent war for independence.


Pre-Columbian art prospered over a wide timeline, from 1800 B.C. to 1500 A.D.

Art Culture


After the Mexican Revolution, political, historic, and folk themes were incorperated into artwork.

This dish is usually eaten wrapped up in a wheat or corn tortilla, with many varieties of toppings.

The Taco is a traditional mexican dish that originated from the Spanish Conquistadors.


Maraichi bands preform dowtown along streets, festivals and resturants.

Pop and Mexican Rock are popular among Mexican music.


Since the early nineteen hundreds, folk songs called corridos have been popular.

The main religion of the country, Roman Catholicism, was brought along with the Spanish arrival.

Mexico is a secular state, so it does not provide any financial help to the church.

According to the cencus reported in 2010, 94.5% of the population are Cristians, and 89% are Roman Catholic overall.

Mexico has the largest number of Jehova's witnesses in the world.

Mexico is located about 23 degrees north and 102 degrees south, located in Middle America.

The Sierra Madre Occidental is a mountain range that stretches about 780 miles south and merges with the Cordillara Neovolcanica range.

Physical Characteristics

The Peninsular Ranges stretch a distance of 890 miles (1,430 kilometers) from America's border to the southern tip of Baja Caliornia.

The Mexican Altiplano occupies the vast area of land between the eastern and western sierra madres.

The main exports are sugar cane, vegetables, and tropical fruit.


Mexico has the 15th largest economy in the world, although poverty has been a persistent problem.About 17% of the population falls below Mexico's poverty line.

Sugar cane is grown in about 700,000 farms in Mexico

It was established a Republic under federal constitution in 1824, and continues to be a federated republic today.

Mexico declared independence from Spain in 1821, but has run into conflict with France since.


The Mayans, Mexico's pre-Columbian ancestors, thrived about 250-900 A.D.They developed the writing system and calendar, and built cities.


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