Mexican Wolf

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Mexican Wolf

-Population: After being wiped out in the U.S. and with only a few animals remaining in Mexico, Mexican gray wolves were bred in captivity and reintroduced to the wild in Arizona beginning in 1998. There are only about 300 Mexican wolves in total.-Range and Habitat: Mexican gray wolves prefer mountain forests, grasslands and scrublands. Today, the Mexican wolf has been reintroduced to the Apache National Forest in southeastern Arizona.

-Diet: Mexican wolves mostly eat ungulates (large hoofed mammals) like elk, white-tailed deer, and mule deer. They are also known to eat smaller mammals like javelinas, rabbits, ground squirrels and mice.


Why this animal is to important?

Because If they weren´t exist, The food chain will disarm and this wolf is one of the few carnivore species of mexico.

-Reproduction: Pups are born blind and defenseless. The pack cares for the pups until they mature at about 10 months of age.Mating Season: Mid February - mid MarchGestation: 63 daysLitter size: 4 - 7 pups

-Did you know that the scientific name of the mexican grey Wolf is canis lupus baileyi?


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