Mexican Sports

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Mexican Sports

Mexican Sports

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soccerSoccer is the most popular sport inMexico. Mexico's first internationalMatch was in 1927, on home grounds, against guatamela. In 1970 and 1986, Mexico hosted the world cup.

WrestlingIn 1929, Lutteroth Gonzalex was working in the United States whenhe began attending professionalwrestling matches. He becamefasinated with the sport, so hedecided to introduce the sport to his home country of Mexico. Thewrestlers wear masks so they donot know who they are fighting.After their match, they then revealtheir identities.

FootballFootabll is a very popular sport introduced in the 19th centery by a group of Cornish Miners in real Del Monte. Hidalgo is where mexicos first football club was founded in 1901 and the first league was founded six years later in 1907

BaseballBaseball was introduced to Mexico between the years of 1870 and 1879.The mexican league started in 1925.

Jai AlaiJai Alai is a hand ball type game that originated in Spains basque region. It is played in a three-walled court with a hard rubber ball that is caught in a cesta, a long, curved scoop attatched to the hand.

CharreriaCharreria is horseback riding combined with different types of rodeo. In Mexico, Charreria is considered the national sport by exellence. It originated in Hidalgo and Jalisco. The unifrom is a suit with chaps, boots, and a sombrerro. This is pride and tradition in the Mexican CUlture.

Bull fightingBullfighting is when a bull is put into ring along with a person. The object is to kill the bull. Today, there are at least 500 permanent bullrings, more than 280 breeding farms, and at least twelve bullfighitng schools. Organizations promoting animal rights have been protested against the sport of bullfighting.

Olympic GamesIn 1968, Mexico hosted the summer Olympic Games. It was held in the Esadio Olimpico Univesitario. 112 countries attented the games and almsot 5,500 athletes. US won about 15 gold medals that summer.


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