Mexican Revoulution

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Mexican Revoulution

TIMELINE-1910 - April 20 -Halley's comet appeared - people thought that bad things would occur - Oct 11 - Francisco Madero escapes a prison, flees to Texas, and declares a rebellion against Mexico's presedent - Nov 19 - Franciso Madero meets Pancho Villa for the first time - Nov 20 - Madero calls for an uprising, meanwhile Pascual Orozoco launches uprising in Chihuahua-1915: War of the Generals - Marks the halfway piont of the mexican revolution - June 1 battle of trinidad - Villas masses 19,500 horsemen and 6,000 cavalry against Obregon's 9,400 cavalry and 14,500 infantry - Villa wins this battle -1920 - Jan 24: Battle of Eseranza -villa defeats genral huerta; Huertas forces retreat - About 2 million people died because of the Mexican Revolution

Mexican Revolution

The Mexican RevolutionBy: Martin Larios

1910- 1920


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