Mexican revolution

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Mexican revolution

Creoles wanted to restore their position in society (political and economic).Free themselves from Spanish rule.Govern themselves.

Mexican Revolution


Force the Spanish out of Mexico,clear, meaningful, democratic elections, foreign oil and mining interests out of the country.


The Rebels achieved their Independence from the Spanish Rule. Then constructed and put in place a new Monarchy. But however the country struggled after the revolution. Having their Politics, Social, and economic structures failed after the war was over. This left the country is shreds. Shoguns tried to gain control on political, provincial, and national fronts.Most social classes die or started to die out. This was the outcome the Revolutionary War.



May 8th, 1753 - July 30th, 1811Occupation: Priest and a leader of the Mexican Revolutionary War. Inspired nationalist uprisings of Native American and Mestizos across Mexico. Executed after their army was captured by the Mexican Royalist Army with José María Morelos.

Don Miguel Hildalgo

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