Mexican Foods

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Mexican Foods

Has some of the Native Americans' food culture and some of Spanish food culture.Most of them are spicy and fiery.Works around their eating schedule.Uses forks, spoons, and knives as meal utensils.

Mexicans' LunchTime: 1:30pm ~ 4:00pmLunch is the main meal of the dayPopular menu: soup or salad for appetizer and seafood, meat, rice, beans, hot tortillas for main foods

Mexicans' BreakfastTime: between 7:00am ~ 10:00amPopular menu: cup of coffee, sweet breads, tropical fruits, toasts, granola, and yogurt

Mexicans' Breakfast

Mexican Foods

Mexicans' Lunch

Mexicans' Dinner

Mexicans' DinnerTime: 8:00pm ~ 9:00pmLighter meal of the dayPopular menu: soup or tacos

In holidays or family occasions, food takes big place. Expecially in "Day of Dead," families bake or buy a sweet bread named "the Bread of Dead."

One of the famous foods of Mexico, Taco!