Mexican Day of Independance

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Mexican Day of Independance

What is the purpose of this celebration?

Mexican inpedendance day

Similar to holidays we celebrate

The Day of Independence is similar to a holiday that is celebrated in Bahrain. Here we celebrate the Day of the Bahrain Independence. Both celebrations celebrate the day that their countriies were free from colonization. Both countries dress traditionally, have a feast, and have music. the difference is, in Mexico the celebration is a little more chaotic since there are way more residents.

The purpose of this celebration is to celebrate the day of independence for Mexico. In 1521 Mexico was conquered by Spain. Later in 1810 a rebellion started that was leaded by the Father Hidalgo. Finally in 1821, 300 years after Mexico was conquered, Mexico won and became independent.

How is it Celebrated?

Where did it originate and who celebrates it?

This celebration originated in Mexico the day they won their independence. It is usually grandly celebrated in Mexico, and the main celebration is in Mexico City. Even if it is a Mexican celebration, people from all around the world celebrate it, native and foreigners.

Since the 20th century they have stared to begin the celebration since the 15. 1-On the 15th at around 11pm, the president rings the bell of the National Palace in Mexico City.2- He repeats the shout of partiotism (Grito Mexicano), based on the Grto de Dolores. As well as the names of the important heroes of the Mexican War.3- He shouts Viva Mexico three times.4-Next he rings the bell again and waves the Mexican Flag. Followed by the National Anthem (Himno National)5-On the actual independence Day,the National Military Parade starts at the Zocalo, passing the Hidalgo Memorial, then they go to other places.People can wear anything they want, but they ussually wear traditional clothing or the colors of the flag. People have parades, mariachis, marching bands, competitions, and concerts on this day. There are fireworks.There is a lot of traditional food and drinks, with millions of people mainly gathered in the capital to celebrate. It looks a little chaotic.


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