Metis Mania

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Metis Mania

The Metis Mania

The Origins of the Metis nation

Hey Grade 4s! The last mission of the fur trade unit is to create a puzzle about the Metis people.Here we go!

2In your book, look through pp. 34~42.

3Find important words about the Metis.(At least 3.)

4Make clues for your chosen key words.

1Open a word document.

Most of you will have one already started!

Work with your group members to avoid choosing the same words!

The PUZZLE MAKING PARTWhen all your group members have typed and saved their words and clues in their word document, Step 1 => Open your group members' word documents as well to put in the puzzle. Step 2 =>Click on the orange flower to access the puzzle maker.Step 3 =>Follow the steps to create and print your puzzle!


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