Methods Of Salt Preparation

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Methods Of Salt Preparation

1. Place a known volume of acid (e.g. HCl) in a conical flask.2. Add an indicator to the acid (if phenolphthalein is added, the colour will be colourless).3. Add alkali (e.g. NaOH) from a burette until indictaor changes colour (phenolphthalein will change colour from colourless to pink). This is the end point of titration and neutralisation is completed.4. Record volume of alkali used.5. Repeat whole process again with the known volumes of acid and alkali to produce salt solution (but do not add indicator). 6. Heat salt solution by evaporation method to evaporate all water and obtain salt crystals. If salt is not heat stable, crystallisation method is used instead to obtain salt cystals.7. Dry the salt cystals.

Preparation of soluble salt of insoluble base



Preparation of soluble salt of insoluble baseNeutralization Method:•Warm dilute acid•Add insoluble metal or metal oxide or metal carbonate•Stir constantly till acid dissolves•Filter to remove the excess base as residue•Collect the filtrate and heat it till crystallize•After some time cool and collect dry crystals by filtration

Salts and Preparation

A salt is a compound formed when the hydrogen ions in an acid are replaced by metal ions or by ammonium ions.There are 3 methods of preparing salts.1. Precipitation reactions2. Reactions between acids and excessa. insoluble metalb. insoluble basec. insoluble carbonate3. Reactions between acids and alkalis/carbonate solutions (Titration)


1.Place a known volume of one soluble salt solution in beaker .2. Keep adding the other soluble salt solution and stir to mix until no more precipitate forms. 3. Filter out the precipitate.4. The residue is the insoluble salt you are trying to get.5. Wash residue with water.6. Dry the insoluble salt crystals.

Preparation of Insoluble Salt

How to prepare SOLUBLE SALT by titration method (using acid + alkali).

Methods of Salt Preparation

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