Methods Of Salt Preparation

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Methods Of Salt Preparation

Methods of salt preparation

Preparation of insoluble salt


Preparation of soluble salt of soluble baseTiltration method•Measure the base by pipette and add it to conical flask•Add indicator •Fill a burette with acid and add drop by drop and constantly shake till the colour of the indicator changes•Note the volume of acid used•Repeat the experiment•Add same amount of acid and base in a evaporating dish•Stir •Heat the solution and crystallize•Cool and collect dry crystals by filtration

Precipitation method•Two aqueous solutions of acid and base are mixed•Insoluble salt will form as precipitate•Collect precipitate by filtration •Wash with distilled water and then dry

Preparation of soluble salt of insoluble baseNeutralization method•Warm dilute acid•Add insoluble metal or metal oxide or metal carbonate•Stir constantly till acid dissolves•Filter to remove the excess base as residue•Collect the filtrate and heat it till crystallize•Cool and collect dry crystals by filtration


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