Methods of Identifying Witches

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Methods of Identifying Witches

1. Make a cake out of the victim’s urine and feed it to a dog-it will supposedly hurt the witch who put a spell on the victim and she will cry out in pain2. If she is married more than once, she is convicted of bewitching her husbands to death3. Weigh the accused against a stack of bibles-if it doesn’t even out, she is a witch4. Look for birthmarks, scars, moles, abnormalities- a sign of the devil if it is cut and does not bleed5. If they talk to themselves, they are casting a spell on someone

Methods of Identifying Witches

6. If they can’t say the Lord’s prayer at the time of hanging, they are witches7. If an elder woman can’t hear you when her good ear is turned, she is a witch8. A woman who has pets are using them to carry out her evil doings9. They are witches if they have dreams about Native Americans10. If you say a sarcastic remark that is taken seriously, you are a witch

This cartoon is poking fun of the Salem Witch Trials. It is trying to extract pathos by bringing light to a very dark time in US History.



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