Methodology: Teaching large classes

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Methodology: Teaching large classes

Methodology: Teaching large classes

Choral Drilling



Think, Pair, Share

Using an adecdote

1) Read a short story aloud2) Make students predict3) Find out who got it right

1)To practise new words or phrases, dialogues.2) It can be quite a lot of fun, and it can make some bits of language more memorable.

Your text here

1) Think individually2) Pair with the person next to you3) Share your thoughts, in English

Group Leaders


1) Choose a text and cut it into five sections2) Put your students into groups of fiveand give each group a section.3) Ask them to order the text again.

Jigsaw texts

Running Dictation

1) Divide the class into groups2) One student can be the messenger and must read a text that is posted on a wall. Then they run to the group.3) The group must listen to the runner and write the text