Method recyclage in Montuped

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Method recyclage in Montuped

In the movie, a machin recycle the grit eliminating trash and lighten the sand to create the mold.The grit is treat for chemical that during the creation of the mold, the sand must hard and durable

Montupet has set goal to protect the environment and have succeededThey put in place : - A grit recycling system to treat (grit is used to create the mold) - A bulb LED for a stronger light, a time lighter and a easy installation - A solar panel used for powered the office, interior of machine, parking ( this is equip of the bulb LED )

Method recycling in Montupet S.A

This is the business

Solar panel in the roof

Mold in treated grit

this is one of bulb LED

The buld LED is used in the office, in the machine (neon), in the parking car, etc ... where this is powered by solar panel