[2015] Sunny Jiao: Methanmphetamine

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[2015] Sunny Jiao: Methanmphetamine

One less problem.Meth is an unregulated illegal drug, meaning that all productions and labs may contain germs and viruses that will add additional risks to your already ailing health. Convulsions, hypothermia, nerve damage, and heart failure are common symptoms of taking meth.

Due to physical, mental, and mental withdrawals following the lack of meth, it can and is highly addictive. Costing an upwards of $90 per gram, this devastating addiction can run you several hundreds per month, with a locked-down lifetime commitment.

Methamphetamine, is addictive illegal stimulant drug. It is also known as crystal, meth, chalk, and ice on the street.

Methanmphetaminea.k.a. crystal meth

When it's time to make the choice, how will you answer?

It is made of a white, odorless, bitter crystalline powder which when consumed, injected, or snorted, delivers an orgasmic high by triggering the brain into releasing copious amounts of dopamine, a compound responsible for pleasure and joy.

However, tampering with the brain never results in good things. Meth releases toxins that changes how the brain functions, leading to impaired memory and learning abilities.

You’re a danger to people around you, inside you, and yourself. Meth causes the brain to go on the fringe, making the user show rash violent behaviour. Depression, a withdrawal symptom often leads to abuse, homicide, and suicide. Pregnant mothers taking meth will influence their fetuses to premature delivery, cognitive deformation, and health ailments.


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