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Information1. How does the drug affect the human body?A: Damage to blood vessels, malnutrition, severe tooth decay, brain damage, liver/kidney/lung damage, etc.

2. How is the nervous system affected by the drug?A: Methamphetamine causes the user to feel intense pleasure and exhiliaration. 3. Which neurotransmitters are affected & how?A: Dopmaine, Serotonin, and Norepinephrine are affected, their functions are reversed from normal funtion.

6. If the drug is addictive, then why is it addictive?A. The drug works with the brain's reward pathway, making the user experience intense pleasure and exhileration.7. What are the symptoms of withdrawal from the drug?A. Depression, loss of energy, cravings for the drug, suicidal thoughts or actions.

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By: Gabriela Mosqueda, Rosabi Pena, Carolina Prudencio, Kushani Vithanage


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