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The film Matrix has a lot concepts regarding metaphysics. The first and most obvious one is: is the wolrd real or not. Clearly on the film there are two alternate worlds: the matrix and the real wolrd. This make us question wether what we see is real or just programmed. Do we really exist or are we fake? Another concept that we found in the matrix is destiny. Neo sets on with Morpheus to destroy the matrix. Along the way Morpheus tells him that he was destined to destroy the matrix. Here we see that clearly some part of Neo is controlled by his destiny. He was destined to destroy the matrix, so he will. This is a concept widely discussed regarding metaphysics. Can we choose our future, or is it already predetermined?One concept also in the Matrix is wether we can be free. This can be seen by the way the story itself is created. First the humans are under the control of the aliens, but when that ends they are in control of other people. For example: government. This means also that even before the war people were no free and therefore did not have free will.

Are humans free?

This question has followed humankind throught all it's history. Many philosphers think we are all free, but others argue against this.One of the main topics concerning this quetion is free will. Apparently there is free will in any decision we take. Yet there are good and bad decisions. In order for a person to excercise free will, he needs to be under his own control.Additional to this there are boundaries that he can chose to cross or not to cross. For example law binds to certain behaviors limiting our free will. society also limits our behavior, making us do things that the society feels as appropiate. Have read these examples is true that we indded are free, or bound to follow orders?Do Humans posses Free Will?This question is also debated by many philosophers. Many think that free will is not really possible. There is an example in the Matrix that is explained on the other paragraph. Many people think we are victims of our circumstances rather than free to do as we please.What is consciousness?This question comes hand in hand with the questions asked before.If there is indeed a consciousness, then that means that there is another factor that influences our decision. This means that there is no thing as a free human. Other Questions:Do humans involve immaterial souls?Do objects perdure, or endure?Can there be necessarily existent entities?

Branch of philosophy that studies the ultimate structure and constitution of reality—i.e., of that which is real, insofar as it is real. The term, which means literally “what comes after physics,” was used to refer to the treatise by Aristotle on what he himself called “first philosophy.” In the history of Western philosophy, metaphysics has been understood in various ways: as an inquiry into what basic categories of things there are (e.g., the mental and the physical); as the study of reality, as opposed to appearance; as the study of the world as a whole; and as a theory of first principles. Some basic problems in the history of metaphysics are the problem of universals—i.e., the problem of the nature of universals and their relation to so-called particulars; the existence of God; the mind-body problem; and the problem of the nature of material, or external, objects. Major types of metaphysical theory include Platonism, Aristotelianism, Thomism, Cartesianism (see also dualism), idealism, realism, and materialism.

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The Matrix

What is Metaphysics?




The Matrix

The Matrix

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