Metaphisical poets

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Metaphisical poets

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The term metaphysical, applied to English and European poets of the seventeenth century. John Donne was one of the most influential metaphysical poets. His relationship with spirituality is in most of his work

"John Dryden epitomized the metaphysical movement", which saw past the obvious.

John Donne is one of the greatest English poets, and one of the greatest writers of English prose

Abraham Cowley displayed early talent as a poet publishing Poetical Blossoms, at the age of 15.

1.The English people killed their king, Charles I. They experimented with a republican government.2.The Jamestown colony was founded, the Pilgrims arrived in America.3.The Ptolemaic world view and humour theory gave way to astronomy and anatomy

Metaphisical poets

1.17th century genius Isaac Newton was a huge influce.2.During the 17th century the science and chemistry developed from medieval times.


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