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Cycles & Processes

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Question #5 Ex:pipevine swallowtail caterpillarWhat are the stages of insect#1 complete metamorphosis?A:Stage#1:Egg:The egg usually sits on a leaf waiting to be hatched.Stage#2larvae:In this stage,the larvae hatches from the egg.Surviving on leaves and attempting mimicry with its spikes to where off predators.Stage#3pupa:Te pupa is which the larvae creates an outer shell to protect itself while turning into a adult.Stage#4:Adult;At the adult stage,the pupa breaks and reveals the adult insect.

Question#3What are some similarities between complete and incomplete metamorphosis?A:Complete and incomplete cycles both include egg and adult stages.The differences is the quanity of stages.

Ouestion #4What do you notice about insect life cycles?A: Insect life cycles have 2 forms: complete and incomplete. Something that is interesting is that complete cycles's adult stage doesn't look similar to the larvae. On the other hand, incomplete cycles are the opposite.

Question #1What are some insects that go through a complete metamorphosis?.Scorpionfly .Puss Moth caterpillar

Question #2What are some insects that go through an incomplete metamorphosis?.Baldfaced hornet .Stinkbugs

Question #6Ex:Praying mantisWhat are the stages of insect#2 incomplete metamorphosis?A: Stage #1: egg: The egg size is about the size of a pencil tip. Stage #2: nymph: At the nymph stage, the insect just looks like a smaller version of the adult.Stage #3: Adult: The adult stage is basically when the insect is fully grown.



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