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Meta Vaux Warrick Fuller

DEPARTUREThe time is near (reluctance laid aside) I see the barque afloat upon the ebbing tideWhile on the shores my friends and loved ones stand. I wave to them a cheerful parting hand,Then take my place with Charon at the helm, And turn and wave again to them.Oh, may the voyage not be arduous nor long, But echoing with chant and joyful song,May I behold with reverence and grace, The wondrous vision of the Master's face.

Meta Vaux Warrick Fuller was born in 1877 in to a middle-class family. Her parents encouraged her in the arts and music, and in 1894 she won a scholarship to the Pensylvania Museum & School of Industrial Art, where she studied art and earned teaching certification. Afterwards, in 1899, she moved to Paris and studied at the Académie Colarossi, where she studied scultpure and became a pupil of Auguste Rodin. In 1902, she returned to Philadelphia, but was largely ignored by the arts community there. However, in 1907, she became the first female African American artist to earn a government commission for her art.


1877 - born 1894 - went to college1899 - moved to Paris and studied under Rodin1902 - returned to Philadelphia1907- first black female artist to earn a government comission for her art.

Lasting Impact

One of the first black female artists in America to focus on afro-centric themes.


Meta Vaux Warrick Fuller



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