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Author: Luca Caioli

Title:Messi- inside story of the boy who became a legend.

Achievements FIFA Ballon d'Or 2010Ballon d'Or 2009Alfredo Di Stefano trophy 2008-09UEFA Top Scorer 2008-09forward of the year 2008-09LFP Best Player 2008-09European player of the year 2008FIFA World player of the year 2008Under 21 European footballer of the year 2007 3rd placeFIFA World Player 2007 FIFA under 20 player of the tournament 2005 Best Foreign player in la liga 2006-09FIFPro World XI 2006-07,2007-08,2008-09

SettingsLeague 177Copa del Rey 26Europe 61 Home in Rosario

CharactersLionel Andres Messi Celia Maria Cuccitti(mom)Jorge Horacio Messi (dad)Rodrigo Messi (brother)Matias Messi (brother)Maria Sol Messi(sister)Baracelona Players


Messi's problems during the book


What you think about the Book?

Messi had growing problems during his childhood. When he moved to Barcelona they offered him money and help with his hormone growth problem. Another problem was when he sprained his ankle and he was out for a couple of weeks. Another problem was when he hurt his face and he had to wear a face mask that didn't fit him and he couldn't see. There are many other problems, but there are too many to even count.

In the beginning of the book it starts out with the author, Luca, interviewing some of Leo's first coaches. Then it goes on to talking about his first opportunity to play soccer on his very first team which his dad coached. Then after it talks about how he moved to the club Atletico Newell's Old Boys. Next, it talked about his condition which is hormone growth problems. Then it talks about how FC Barcelona offered to pay for all his medical bills just to be on the team and do what he loves. After increasing his importance for the junior levels of Barcelona FC ,Messi finally made it to the club's first team. This book helps you understand how Messi and other typical athletes life's were before they were well-known.

This book is one of my favorites because I can relate to some of the things in it. I really enjoyed reading this and I recomend it to other soccer players out there. He went through many ups and downs just like any other person out there in a situations like his with all of the publicity. This book teaches many lessons for exaple, Messi never gave up he put hard work into everything and he came out to be really successful.


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