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Mespotamia QUEENRA

SummaryThe exploration of ideas, influences, inventions, and innovations sustain and change Middle East's way of running things today in a massive way. All of the components have either remained the same or have changed greatly because of past mistakes and discoveries. Another major factor that caused ideas, influences, and innovations is the extent of knowledge our people have today. The smarter us people are, the more everything around us and ways of working change. For example, if there was an idea influenced by an invention to make an innovation in the past, the exploration of the innovation would have expanded one's knowledge, and the expansion of the new knowledge would bring new ideas to the person(s) and the people around them. These components have also sustained over time because after several mistakes of the Mespotamian culture, everyone had learned from the mistakes and had improved the idea, invention, etc. to make it become it's best. Overall, the exploration of ideas, influences, inventions, and innovations sustain and change by building a new and improved, intelligent society in the Middle East.


Context Lense

The past events of Ancient Mespotamia and Egypt explain why the Middle East is how it is today. In present day Middle East, some things run the same as they used to such as occupations (metal workers, artisians, hunters, farmers, merchants,priests, etc.), citites, government, arts and architecture, writing, and public workers. Although these factors still exist in present day, there have been several altercations throughout all of these features. All of the features listed help generate an understanding of the current events in the Middle East by describing common topics of the Mespotamia culture.

Level 3 Question: What is the most simular feature from Ancient Mespotamia to present day Middle East?

Essential Question:"How does the exploration of ideas, influences, inventions, and innovations sustain and/or change?"


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