Mesopotamian Religion

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Mesopotamian Religion

Creation Story: The younger gods annoyed Apsu and Tiamat. Apsu made a plan to kill the younger gods, but Tiamat found out. Tiamat told a younger god of intelligence and wisdom, Ea, and he made a plan to put Apsu to sleep and kill him. With the body of Apsu, Ea made the Earth. Tiamat distressed over Apsu’s death, made an army of chaos to fight the younger gods. The younger gods to win the war voted Marduk, the storm god, their king. Marduk then killed Tiamat, killed Quingu, Tiamat’s champion, created the sky from Tiamat, and created humans to help the gods keep order.

Mesopotamian Religion

Mesopotamian Gods: Aspu Tiamat An Enlil Nin-khursag Enki (Ea) Marduk And many, many more minor gods



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