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Social Studies
Ancient History

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Empires: The summerians and mesopotamians started conqureing many city-states for food and land. The first person to create an empire was Sargon. The seconed person to create an empire was Hammurabi. He created the first writen law. The assyrians were an harsh crule army. Theu usually had 50,000 soilders. They used iron weopons and attacked city-states that still used bronze weopons. When the assyrians were fighting about who should be the new king another city-state conqured the assyrians.

Transportation: The mesopotamians learned and invented many new things like how to get to places easier and faster. Some of the transportation they invented were the wheel, muel, carts, and boats. With the boats they were able to fish easier and faster. Also with the boats they could get bigger boats because the big fish could´nt go on to the shallow part of the sea or lake.

Mesopotamia Civilization

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Ziggurat: The mesopotamians created a lrge holy temple called the ziggurat. The zigguat is a place ware summerians go to worship. The ziggurat had three levals. The bottom leval was for slaves. The slaves would work for people and be sold. The seconed leval was for artisans, farmers, and more. The seconed leval was called working class beacuse most of these people woked. The third level was for presits, kings, and worriars. The third leval was the most importand level beause the rulers were most likely in there. People were not aloud to go up to the top.

Mesopotamia Inventions: The summerians created many thingts in their life time. Some of the things they creted were, the calender, records, copper and bronze tools, jewlery, irrigation and more. The calender was important to them because they would know when they're would be a flood. Records were important to mesopotamians because they would know how many animals or crops they sold. They created copper and bronze tools because they were harder and could win or take over more city-states. The summerians created irrigation so they could water crops easier and so when the floods came they could hold them back. with irrigation the summerians could also hold the water in one place or area to save for the summer.


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