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Social Studies
Ancient History

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GovernmentEach city-state had its own leader. The rulers led the army while creating and enforcing laws. Leadership was passed from father to son. This government developed into a complicated system to collect taxes and keep track of trade. This was the responsibility of scribes.

Mesopotamia:The Land Between Two Rivers

Hammurabi's Code of Laws1754 BCE 282 Laws detailing punishments which was on display for all in the community to know what was expected of them. It is an early form of a constitution which practiced the notion of, "an eye for an eye."

HistoryMesopotamia is a fertile land area located between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers (modern Iraq). Originally herders, this group developed into several city-states that each had its own ruler, laws, and social customs. Each city-state is centered around temple known as a ziggurat (background picture) dedicated to a god or goddess. Mesopotamia became the region of the first civilivzation. Over the course of its existance, the region was dominated by 4 different city-states from 3500BCE-600BCE.

ReligionMesopotamia was a polytheistic society. These gods controlled every aspect of life. To keep the gods happy, a ziggurat (pyramid structure) was built at the center of the city for the main god. The afterlife was grim - everyone went into the dark and ate dust.

CuneiformThe first form of writing derived from Sumer, a city-state in Mesopotamia. It was a system of wedge-like characters formed from a reed on clay tablets. Writing was created to keep track of trade and taxes by scribes. Scribes were the only group that could read and write in society.

Famous FirstsMesopotamia was known for the first civilization, wheel, calendar and a math system based on the number 60. They were the first to recognize the number 0. They were also known for early forms of chariots, sailboats, and clay money.


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