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The walls of this house are decorated with beautiful cunieforms borders running from wall to wall, from room to room. Each room is written with a different passage and story along with a few drawings of the gods of Mesopotamia.

Fear not for with the size of this house, floods will not be able to reach any crops situated in the inclosed garden. The irrigation ditches will also be aided by the tall, mud brick walls keeping a larger portion of your crops safe, to an extent.

Living near the walls will also grant easy access to the city and the ruler of the city if any problems should arise. The problem of a long jorney to the city will be no more than just a simple fifteen minute walk.

Located just outside the walls of Ur, Mesopotamia! Euphratetes Road This house provides warmth and safety, offering four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, and two studies.

Situated just outside the walls of Ur, you have only to walk ten minutes into the heart of Ur to attend service in the main Ziggurat and ten minutes back to your usual daily work in the fields.

Ur Sun Setter Available

This is a once in a life time opportunity! Grab the chance go be able to live in a luxurious home usually solely available to the nobles of Mesopotamia. No longer will you need to live in a crowded vacinity with barely any personal space and the need to share.

Those who are artisans will also gain advantage from living just outside the walls of Ur. Marketing could be made in the comfort of a huge home or with just a five minute walk, in the city.

The Ziggurat is the temple dedicated to the city-state's chief god

Live in the safety and peaceful home of a large three story, single house just outside the walls of Ur. Built out of beautiful 8ft thick, sun-dried, mud bricks to keep the heat out and the cold in and decorated with cuneiform borders. With an inclosed entryway and courtyard, it is safe for children to play in and keep livestock. Cook vegetables from your own inclosed garden and eat out on the cool, flat roof during hot summer nights. The location of this house gives a clear view of the Euphrates river, allowing a head notice of incoming ships and floods.

Mesopotamia was one of the first civilization development

Cunieform was one of the first forms of writing, usually written clay tablets


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