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Social Studies
Ancient History

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How the exploration of ideas, influences, inventions and innovations has sustained and/or changed throughout the future is been extrodinary! Without the research and ideas the Mesopotamians had we wouldn't have the wheel like we have today! Some ideas that had sustained throughout history is astromony, mathematics, bartering, money, iron works, etc. Mesopotamia is the birthplace of mostly everything we use today. Some things that have changed throughout history is we now have technology, different laws and regulations, and occupations. Without the Ancient Civilizations, the world we have grown to love would be way different.

Students will investigate the past events and ideas of Ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt in an effort to generate understanding of the current events taking place in the Middle East

How does the exploration of ideas, influences, inventions and innovations sustain and/or change?

1. How can you infer the affects on the world if the Mesopotamians didn't exist?2. How can you apply the ideas and inventions from the Ancient Civilizations to everyday jobs.



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Inanna (Uruk): life-giving goddess of loveEnki (Eridu): goddess of water, intelligence, creation, wisdom, etc.


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