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Ancient History

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c.2760 BCE ~ c.550 BCE

2324 BCE

1800 BCE

2760 BCE

1770 BCE

760 BCE

550 BCE


This was one of the earliest laws in the world. It was inscribed in cuneiform on a 2.25m stele. The concept of Hammurabi's Code was "eye of an eye, tooth for a tooth". He placed it in a public place so everyone could read it, but it is thought that only few people were literate.

Persians invade Mesopotamia

Persian Empire had the biggest land expansion in ancient times. The expanded up to 8 mil. sq. km. It was ruled by Cyrus the Great. Persian Empire used some of the previous languages, such as Sumerian and Akkadian.

Bablylonia became one of the most powerful in Mesopotamia. This region was known for its wealth and power. Babylonian traditions were directly passed down from Sumerians and Akkadians.

Akkadians were ruled my Sargon the Great and their government was monarchy. They had two languages which were Akkad and Sumer. The Empire established in 2334 BC and disestablished in 2193 BC.

They were one of the first Bronze age people and even invented irrigation. Bronze developed to gold to iron. Palaces were decorated with these expensive metals and armors and weapons were made.

The Cod of Hammurabi is established with 282 laws

Babylonians move into Mesopotamia

Assyrians invade Mesopotamia with assassins and they had warrioirs that were fierce.

They had a similiar religion as Sumerians and the Babylonians, but they had a different lifestyle. It was very common that the Assyrians were always at war with other civilizations. At around this time, Assyrians took over one of the biggest city of that time.

Sumerians start to combine copper and tin to make bronze.

Sargon leads the Akkadians to take over many of the Sumerian cities.


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