Mesopotamia (The Fertile Cresent), World & Ancient History

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Mesopotamia (The Fertile Cresent), World & Ancient History

VocabularyThe Fertile Cresent- A curved shape, rich land.Mesopotamia- The civilization on The Fertile Cresent meaning "land between two rivers." in Greek. This advanced civilization started thriving 3500 B.C.E.CityState- Functions like an independent country would today.Dynasty- A series of rulers through a single family.Cultural Disfussion- When a new idea or culture spreads to another.

The Fertile Cresent:

A Curve Rich Land


5 Characteristics of Civilizations


1) Advanced Cities a. One of the first Civilizations. They built homes and alternated the environment to fit their needs.2) Specialized Workers a. They assorted certain jobs like ditch diggers, construction workers, and traders.3) Complex Institutions a. Priests and Rulers share control over the city. 4) Record Keeping a. Sumerians in Mesopotamia created cuneiform to record scientific investigations.5) Improved Technology a. Many inventions came about such as geometry, architecture, and writing systems.



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