Mesopotamia - period 7

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Mesopotamia - period 7

MESOPOTAMIA- origins of agriculture -

Mesopotamia 'in between rivers' was between the Tigris and the Euphrates, which provided good land for agriculture but often, unexpectedly flooded.

Agricultural Revolution -the change from foraging to domesticating plants (barley) and animals (sheeps & goats)

contemporary to the improvement of stone tools, clay became a major material - was used in pottery and in the making of mud bricks for construction

first writing originated to keep track of property, tax and trade.symbol represented an idea but could be combined to represent a sound.The system was cuneiform, simplified to strokes and wedges.

They experimented with ways to count, measure, and solve mathematical problems. They developed a 60 number system.

They were politheistic, they believed their world was controlled by many deities, with antropomorphic bodies and animal heads, which could be evil or good.

built zigurats to worship gods

King Hammurabi (1750BCE) wrote the first Law Code, established cruel punishments for those disobeyed.

women were subject to their fathers and, later their husbands



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