Mesopotamia and Sumer

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Mesopotamia and Sumer

3000 B.C to 500 B.C

Mesopotamia and Sumer

This is the Assyrian Army.It was a brutal group of more than 50,000 soilders.They were all equiped with iron swords and armour.The Assyrian Army took over many city-states including Sumer.

This is the wheel.The wheel was made so you can get aroud faster than walking.The wheel helped make cars now-a-days and without them being made when they were,there could have been a chance that cars would have been made a little later.They didnt really use wheels that much because they could only put them on wagons.

Irrigation was used in mesopotamia to water crops using ditches,pipes,streams,canals,etc.Mesopotamia specifically first came up with irrigation.

Meopotamia means "land between the rivers"in greek.Mesopotamia formed between the Tigris and Euphratees Rivers.Mesopotamia was niknamed the Firtile Cresent.It was named the Firtile Cresent because it is shaped like a cresent.Also because it is very fertile at some times.Mesopotamia is in present day Iraq,Turkey,Syria,Isreal,Lebannon, and Jordan

This is The Epic of Gilgamesh.It is one of the 11 others that were all found in the first library,Nineveh,in present day Iraq.It was one of the first "tales"that were made.

In this video it talks about how Hammurabi decided it would be a good idea to write down all 200 codes on more than 10 tablets.In the video the man lists some of Hammurabi's codes and expalins them.

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