[2015] Sarah Veronica Ayvah: Mesopotamia

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[2015] Sarah Veronica Ayvah: Mesopotamia

Mesopotamia means "The Land Between the Rivers" in greek. Mesopotamia formed between the Tigris Euphrates Rivers. The nickname is "Fertile Crescent". Mesopotamia was found in present day Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Isreal, Lebannon and Jordan.


FarmersEarly Mesopotamian farmersused water from the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers to watr their fields. However, the farmers could not always rely on the rivers for their needs. Little or no rain fell in the summer so it was hard to use the rivers during summer.


Mesopotamia's nickname is "The Fertile Crescent". It got its nickname because it's shaped like a crescent. Also some people though it was like a craddle.

The video is talking about how they made pottery. They used a pottery wheel and they put a chunk of clay on the middle and it spins.

The wheel was one of mesopotamia's inventions. The wheel helped with transportation. They could travel faster and easier with the wheel. It was a lot easier because they wouldn't have to walk.


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