Mesoamerican hotspot

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Environmental Studies

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Mesoamerican hotspot

MesoamericaThe Environmental Literacy Council describes this hotspot

What Species Live Here?-2,941 endemic plant species-66 endemic mammal species-208 endemic bird species-240 endemic reptile species-358 endemic amphibian species-340 endemic fish species

In Need of Protection!Human impact such as logging, road construction, farming, and oil development has lead to the destruction of large areas of the Mesoamerican tropical forests. About 80% of the original habitat has been lost. This is due to the continuously growing popukation & their need for agriculture. It has been estimated that every year, one percent of the total remaining land is lost to unsustainable farming & deforestation.

According to Conservation International, the Mesoamerican hotspot covers a majority of Central America & Mexico. It is the third largest hotspot in the world, consisting of tropical and subtropical ecosystems as well as islands in the surrounding waters. It was once the home of the Mayans & Aztecs. The Wildlife Conservation Society estimates that the Central American isthmus supports seven percent of the world's species (Environmental Literacy Council). Currently, only thirteen percent of this hotspot is protected.

Conservation Projects:Currently, only 13% of the total land is protected. The Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund has been funding projects in the region since 2004. They hope to connect with more donors, establish more highly protected parks, and educate society about the needs of the 106 "critically endangered" species endemic to Mesoamerica. Their website lays out each strategy for the specific projects they are undertaking.


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